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   Foto: Jim Bengston

About Robert Meyer

Robert Meyer is a photographer, artist, critic, photo historian, gr´┐Żnder and professor. Started his career as a photographer for Kriminalpolitisentralen in Oslo 1963. Artistic debut 1970, and wrote art critics for Aftenposten 1982-89. In 1977 he left his career as a photographer, to research photo history in full time, and eventually to lecture. In 1974 he initiated the formation of Forbundet Frie Fotografer, revitalized Norsk Fotohistorisk Forening, became bordmember in Fotogalleriet 19789-81, and was appointed 1990 to be the first Norwegian professor of Photography, and he established the first higher education in photography at the Art College in Bergen. After a short period as headmaster of an Art School, and he finally in 1989 started a private Art College, based on photography and digital media.

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